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Shadowplans - Airfield $1.00
Publisher: Shadowplans
by Nick E. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 03/18/2016 15:58:25

Airfield plans, covering the control tower and an aircraft hangar. Nicely done, my only criticism would be that it seems odd for a hangar to be that close to the control tower, but that's nothing a printer and a pair of scissors can't fix. In fact, with that in mind I can put together a longer runway and multiple hangars with these plans.

Includes, 1) Basic colour maps (.jpg and .pdf) 2) Colour maps with grid (.jpg and .pdf) 3) Colour maps with grid and security overlay (.jpg and .pdf) 4) 1-3 in "blue floorplan style" (.jpg and .pdf) 5) 1-3 in printer friendly white (.jpg and .pdf) 6) A security overlay .png, just the security data, no map and no whitespace 7) All the security icons in .png so you can add them to your own maps too.

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Shadowplans - Airfield
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