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Shadowplans - Pack #1 $4.99
Publisher: Shadowplans
by Erich W. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 05/01/2016 23:33:55

There are a view different "views" of each map. The are Basic, Blue, and White.

Basic is the "full art". Though it looks like there are things like furniture and desks and such drawn in the images are so saturated/dark these details are nearly invisible. I feel like I need a virtual flashlight. :) They are virtually unusable as drop in play maps. I just can't see any detail.

Blue are a blueprint style, that is just room and wall outlines with doors and windows marked via thicker/different color lines. White appears to be a printer friendly version of blue with a white background (This was a nice touch).

The low rating is due to the very poor visibility of the "Basic" i.e. full art maps. The preview images here in the product description are what you get. (I naively assumed they were "blacked out" as sample images to prevent piracy). The blue and white "blueprints" are very basic but seem funcitonal as something to print out and sketch or make notes on.

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Shadowplans - Pack #1
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