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ALIEN RPG Colonial Marines Operations Manual
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Publisher: Free League Publishing
by Jason I. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 09/07/2021 09:29:38

What a fabulous expansion for an already groundbreaking game!

Take note, other creators, this is how first rate games are created, and how they're kept interesting

The Colonial Marines Operations Manual gives you everything you need to play in the feel and worlds of Aliens and as a Colonial Space Marine.

This lore rich book of simple augments to existing rules expands upon the Alien RPG corebook with the ease of a well-written sequel. It gives you gear choices from the film, comics, Kenner action figure line, and new creations. It explains The origin of the Corps and similar organizations in other factions. It provides you with a simple process for character creation and gives you everything you need to fly.

It perfectly expands the meta-narrative of the game which has consistently been broadened and expanded through the core book, two adventure supplements, and now this indispensable tome.

Provided are all the materials you need to play except the base rules. Including new characters and situations as well as suggestions for expanding your world.

A meta arc of interconnected, fully conceived and well-fleshed out scenarios are ready to go.

this book is worth every penny . I cannot wait to see where Gaska and co take us next. Having been on board since the core book launched, I hope this ride never ends.

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ALIEN RPG Colonial Marines Operations Manual
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