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The Crimson Pandect: A Handbook of Eldritch Lore
Publisher: Sine Nomine Publishing
by bruce c. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 06/21/2012 14:56:18

This is a quick review of this new book from Sine Nomine Publishing. While I love Red Tide and An Echo, Resounding, I think The Crimson Pandect lacks something the others do.

While I do think this book is excellent just as the other two Red Tide books, this one is too focused in my opinion, where the other two are more open ended and have quite a lot of useful information. This book provides excellent and flavourful new magic-user classes (which I do enjoy) and ways to include them in your campaign setting from the Red Tide one.

The other chapters which include building towers, cabals, magic item creation rules and tables for magic-user's spell books, motivations among other things. These chapters are good as well (I do enjoy the magic item creation rules provided here, even if I do not allow magic item creation in my current Labyrinth Lord game), but I feel are just missing something that the other two books had.

Overall I would recommend picking up the pdf and if you like the book then order a hard copy, but if you want to save money order the combo as I did. I would rank this book the 3rd best of the Red Tide books, but a well above average RPG book as it is filled with excellent flavour and different ideas for the magic-user classes.

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The Crimson Pandect: A Handbook of Eldritch Lore
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